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Nick is one of our barber at the Land O Lakes location and is very dedicated to his clients. He works a full time schedule to best accommodate his clients. He has been trained by industry leading professional to give you the best look that is going to work for you! We are very ecstatic to have Nick apart of the team!

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My Story

My name is Nicolas and I’m 18 years old, the reason I got into barbering is very simple. I didn’t want to pay for my own haircuts anymore. I started cutting hair when I was a freshman in high school and ever since then I started growing a passion for it.


I was cutting a lot of friends in school and decided to go straight into barber school after I graduated. The way I got into headlines came from me driving an hour to go shadow the barbers every week for a couple months until I was able to form a relationship with everyone at the shop.


This location is filled with some amazing barbers, and I knew the team would help me reach my goals.

Now I am working as a full-time barber and aim to get better everyday in my profession. I hope to make an enjoyable experience for everyone at the Land O Lakes Barbershop

Get in touch with me!

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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