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Dave is a 26 year old barber from Egg Harbor Township New Jersey. He’s been cutting in the barbershop since November 2017. Since then he’s learned so much as a barber including  but not limited to the skill of cutting hair, business management and customer service.
He has been trained by industry leading professionals to give his clients a professionally tailored look that will bring out the best in them.

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My Story

I’m Dave Harrell , 26 years old and I got into barbering because I wanted to make a change for myself and life in a positive direction. I’ve always been around clippers. My dad and uncle used to cut my hair as a kid and eventually I ended up cutting my brothers and cousins on a pretty frequent basis. So eventually I just decided to go the barber school and learn how to be a professional barber.

The story of how I ended up at Headlines Barber Shop Brandon is incredible. I’ve been following Chris Bossio’s (the shop owner) Youtube channel since 2016. I was able to develop a relationship with some of the other owners and when my wife got a promotion opportunity in Tampa, I knew the only shop I’d want to work at is Headlines Barber Shop Brandon.

My favorite thing about working at Headlines Barber Shop Brandon is the people I work with. We constantly challenge and push each other to be better individually and as a group.
One obstacle I had to overcome and am still working on overcoming is self confidence. Believing that I have the capability to achieve whatever goal I set for myself and the only one with the power to stop me is me. But after moving 1000 miles away and starting my career over from scratch, I’m pushing myself toward a better me every day.

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